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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is proposing the project?

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The City of Milwaukee, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), is proposing the project through the WisDOT Surface Transportation Urban Program.

What are the goals of the project?

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The goal of this project is to address deteriorating pavement and roadway infrastructure, reduce the frequency and severity of crashes, improve transportation safety and mobility for all users, enhance stormwater management, implement traffic calming measures, as well as avoiding, minimizing, or mitigating environmental impacts.

How is the project funded? Will I be assessed for work occurring with the project?

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The project is 80% federally funded and 20% City-funded, up to the federal cost cap for the project. Assessments to property owners for sidewalk and driveway approach replacement in front of their property will be sent near the end of the design phase of the project, if applicable. Assessments will be calculated based on the City’s share of the final cost.

Will this project resurface the roadway or completely reconstruct it?

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The North Sherman Boulevard project, from West North Avenue to West Capitol Drive, is anticipated to completely reconstruct the roadway pavement and base, curb and gutter, sidewalk, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) pedestrian ramps, traffic signals, street lighting and some drainage structures.

Will the street be rebuilt as-is, or will there be modifications? What alternatives are being considered?

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Modifications are anticipated. The project team will be evaluating safety, operations, and multi-modal transportation needs for the corridor and analyzing alternatives and improvements. These topics will be addressed at future public involvement meetings after the project team further evaluates possible alternatives.

Will the posted speed limit be changed with this project?

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The current posted speed along most of North Sherman Boulevard is 30 mph and 20 mph in school zones. The posted speed limit will be evaluated with the project.

Will all the sidewalk along North Sherman Boulevard be replaced, or just where needed and out of ADA compliance?

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All the sidewalks along North Sherman Boulevard are anticipated to be replaced.

Will there be impacts to trees?

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The project team will evaluate the design and minimize tree impacts to the extent feasible, and plant new trees where possible.  

Are portions of the side streets included in the project?

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Side streets with stop signs will have minimal reconstruction beyond the intersections with North Sherman Boulevard. Side streets at signalized intersections (West North Avenue, West Wright Street, West Center Street, West Locust Street, West Burleigh Street, West Townsend Street, and West Roosevelt Drive) will have more substantial modifications extending further along the side street. WIS 145 (West Fond du Lac Drive) will not be reconstructed with the project as it is owned and maintained by WisDOT. Improvements at this intersection will be minimal to blend the proposed typical section of North Sherman Blvd with the existing curb returns.   

When is construction anticipated to occur?

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Construction has a tentative start of 2026. Strategies for construction staging and sequencing will be developed as the project’s design progresses. Construction will continue into 2027.

How will construction impact my business located within the project limits?

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The City of Milwaukee provides the Support for Business Program to help businesses thrive while we make improvements to the City’s infrastructure. Please see City of Milwaukee's Support for Businesses page for more information.  

The project team requests that businesses provide the following information to assist in the project development:

  • Hours of operation
  • Type and size of delivery vehicles
  • Time of day for deliveries
  • Specific delivery routes/circulation on your property
  • Other relevant information

During construction, will I be able to get in and out of my driveway, park on the street, walk on the sidewalk, and bike along the street?

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These details will be evaluated throughout the project design phase and will be discussed at a future public involvement meeting. Access to personal property will be maintained throughout construction by the contractor but may be limited at times when paving or excavation activities are directly in front of the property. Sidewalks will be accessible at all times throughout construction on at least one side of North Sherman Boulevard.

Will there be more opportunities for public input?

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Public involvement is encouraged throughout this project. To provide comments and input on this project, or to sign up for future public involvement meetings invites, please visit our contact page.

Public involvement meetings are tentatively scheduled for August and November 2023, spring 2024 and spring 2025

The project team is also available to attend community events to provide project updates.   

How do I receive project updates?

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Public involvement is encouraged throughout this project. You can provide comments and input on this project and sign up for future Public Involvement Meetings (PIMs) invites, by visiting our contact page.

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern?

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Alyssa Tapia is our public involvement lead and will be available to assist with answering questions. She can be reached by phone at (262) 853-0350 or email at

How will the project impact bus services?

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Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) routes 21 (North Avenue), 22 (Center Street), 66 (Burleigh Street), B Line, 34 (Hopkins to Congress) and Red Line cross the project corridor, with bus stops at the intersections. Route 30 (Sherman Boulevard to Wisconsin Avenue) also runs along the project corridor. The project team is coordinating with MCTS to determine modifications to the transit stops at these intersections. The project team will also be coordinating with MCTS for temporary stops during construction.  

I want to make improvements to my storefront/parking lot/driveway, etc. Should I wait until after the project is completed?

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Most improvements on private property outside the city’s right of way should be compatible with the project. However, each case may be different, so please contact the project team to discuss the specifics at your property.

What bicycle accommodations are the project team considering?

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The project team is taking all stakeholder input into consideration. Different types of bike accommodations may be included throughout the corridor.